Are you storyselling or just selling?

Are you still using PowerPoint presentations to show off your goods?It's 2016, people! We have learned much about human psychology and the way our brains learn things - its time to start using that information to your advantage. It's not product science that gets people to sell your products, it's your story. The best way to get people involved in your brand's story is by painting them a vivid picture of the world you want them to live in. By giving them a role as a character in the quest your brand is on in changing the world. It's called Storyselling, and unless you're trained in the art and science of story-based marketing, you aren't doing it.

You want to be creating mavens who tell your story to their connections till it spreads across the nation. The best way to do that is by designing that world - intentionally.

If that hasn't happened for you yet, perhaps it's because you haven't properly presented them with a mission worth following. They don't know how much you truly care to change the world and most importantly, they don't feel connected to the critical role they play in making your mission succeed.

It's time to start a revolution in their minds and hearts.

I can bring an outsider's perspective that enables you to define your brand's core, singular, resonant message.  I'm that safe-space where you get to practice new ideas before trying them out on those that have staked their future on you. I can help you find ways to be more effective at communicating what makes you unique, important, and story-worthy.

Sample some work I've produced for past clients, then we'll get yours started.

These web-page style presentations are going to make your product or service pop

~ on social media - Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

~ in sales calls - use an iPad, laptop, or projector to dazzle and delight your future customers.

~ as a fancy landing page for your new thing.

~ inserted in an email as a free gift to your subscriber base.

I can also design extraordinary standard slide decks for your next presentation event.

Would you like to have your very own storyselling presentations?

It only takes a 30 minute conversation to get started.

Let's start this thing. It's free to explore.

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